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Take Our Free B2B Fraud Prevention Assessment

Step 1: Take the Assessment

Answer the 10 questions in the window below. You can then scroll down to analyze your results.

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Step 2: Analyze your Results

What is the ‘risk and resilience’ score for your business? The number of times you answered ‘yes’ provides some interesting insights…. 

0% – 33.3%

(Answered ‘yes’ 0-3 times) 

You are putting your customers at an increased risk of business fraud and ID theft, particularly if you have an aggressive growth strategy. New customer acquisition creates heightened exposure to fraud and financial losses, potentially offsetting any new revenue gains. It looks like your business could do with assistance finding the right eCommerce programme to protect you and your prospective customers in the future.  

33.4% – 66.6% 

(Answered ‘yes’ 4-7 times

Your business has clearly taken steps to understand and mitigate your fraud risks. However, your growth could be accelerated by adopting new payment options that encourage increased trade while minimising fraud still further. For example, the most popular payment option for 73% of B2B companies is corporate credit cards, but for customers placing large orders, this is a huge fraud risk. Giving customers the option to place larger orders using trade credit offers greater protection for them and encourages increased sales.  

66.7 – 100% 

(Answered ‘yes’ 7-9 times) 

Your business appears to have a robust B2B eCommerce fraud prevention program in place for your customers. This is good news as B2B merchants typically find 3.5% of their annual sales are impacted by fraud loss. However, with fraudsters getting smarter, you could be doing more to reduce losses even further with a secure B2B embedded payments solution. When considering the road map of your business, consider carefully whether your current fraud offerings are really equipped for global expansion. 

Step 3: Learn More About What These Results Mean for Your Business