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Increase Your Margins and Compete with Marketplace Giants

Target your B2B manufacturing buyers directly and distribute globally

Lenovo increased their AOV by 114%!

Go direct by offering a line of credit and payments on terms without taking on the risk.

Manufacturers are losing margin and profitability due to a reliance on very few distributors and a growth of grey imports being sold directly to end-to-end users.

With digital transformation, your manufacturing business can provide a better customer experience that targets your buyers directly and increase your margins.

This is why many major manufacturers already trust TreviPay to help grow their B2B revenue.

Benefits for You:

  • Target your B2B manufacturing buyers directly
  • Offer a line of credit and payment on terms without risk
  • Increase margins and pass discounts on to buyers
  • Achieve digital transformation
  • Low financial investments

How it Works:

  • You offer a line of credit to B2B manufacturing customers
  • TreviPay takes care of all supporting processes including risk assessment, underwriting, billing and management of the customers’ payments

Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Accommodate the needs of your buyers with credit lines in the tens of millions
  • No more reliance on using cashflow or credit cards to fund purchases

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