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It’s Time for BNPL For Your B2B Retail Customers

Offer a Line of Credit at Checkout For Purchasing Simplicity and Loyalty

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Improve Your Omnichannel Experience. Achieve Growth and Loyalty.

Retailers need to respond to the growing expectations from B2B Buyers of an omnichannel experience wherever they are making their purchases.

We know user experience is critical, so you can make the application and payment process seamless with your own branding. That’s why major retailers already trust TreviPay to help grow their B2B revenue.

Benefits for You:

  • Make it easy for B2B clients to spend more with you
  • Credit can only be spent on your site or in your store which encourages customer loyalty
  • Offer both 60 day and 30 day terms in B2B ecommerce
  • Works with any POS system

How it Works:

  • You offer a line of credit to B2B retail customers
  • Any late payments are the responsibility of TreviPay
  • TreviPay takes care of all supporting processes including risk assessment, underwriting, billing and managing the customer

Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Cardless programme allows your customers to apply for credit while in-store and spend it via the mobile app
  • No more reliance on using cashflow or credit cards to fund purchases

Dock & Bay Provides Flexible Payment Terms for B2B Buyers

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