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Build Better Payments for B2B Marketplaces

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The future of B2B purchasing is making the experience nearly indistinguishable from a B2C purchasing experience, and we’re on the cusp of realizing it. 

Marketplaces have emerged as an accessible and valuable channel to add to a B2B company’s mix of sales channels. Compared to traditional B2B sales processes, marketplaces can offer a more seamless purchasing process for both the buyer and the seller. But there’s room for improvement.

Today, many B2B marketplaces feature standard credit card-based transactions that limits purchasing power for the buyer and loyalty for sellers. However, advances in modern technology in B2B payments are disrupting payment routines. B2B sellers who can rise to the occasion and match buyer expectations with net terms online will greatly improve sales and grow their customer base.

This B2B Marketplace white paper is designed to help B2B sellers

  • Realize the potential for sales via marketplaces
  • Break down the complexities of a B2B sale,
  • Learn how technology like TreviPay improves the payment process for buyers and sellers