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B2B Connect UK: Beyond the Buy Button Presentation

Explore the complex machine driving a customer’s ability to “Buy Now” and how to meet the needs of digital-first B2B buyers, in this short presentation from B2B Connect UK.

Rise up to meet customer experience expectations in B2B


Meeting revolutionary changes in B2B CX expectations through embedded finance

You know that your payments strategy is critical to your CX. ​In fact, PYMNTS’ Q4 2020 study found that buy buttons can significantly reduce checkout times, with consumers spending an average of 99 seconds on checkout when leveraging the feature compared to 176 seconds when not using it.​

​TreviPay VP of Global Marketing, Michelle Faul, recently presented at B2B Connect, highlighting the complex machine behind the effortlessness and ease of the Buy Now button for the B2B buyer: embedded payments.   

Key Takeaways from the On-Demand Presentation:

  • How embedded payments rise up to meet customer experience expectations in B2B
  • How merchants evolve their payment offerings in the face of new customer expectations and ongoing business and technological challenges
  • Key considerations to make when exploring or implementing an embedded payments strategy

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