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Manufacturing Can Bring Buyers and Sellers Together

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Manufacturers are struggling to remain profitable amid evolving consumer expectations and a tumultuous economic forecast. And without the frictionless backend processes to support their accounts payable and accounts receivable teams, the manufacturing industry could see financials take a steep dive faster than anticipated.  

In our latest white paper, “The Manufacturer’s Guide to Streamlining AP and AR,” we break down the broken and antiquated payment processes slowing down manufacturing and creating a dangerous divide between buyers and sellers. Topics covered within include:

  • The pain points plaguing AR teams. Without modern solutions to support the AR team’s daily tasks, the sales team suffers and onboarding is delayed. 
  • Outdated payment experiences are disappointing buyers. B2B buyers expect payment options that can keep up with their personal experiences. 
  • Payment inefficiencies trickle down to the customer experience. Long-term loyalty and a robust customer experience hinges on modern, omni-channel payment experiences. 

Download the white paper today to learn more about the payment processes hindering your success as a manufacturer and the benefits that TreviPay can offer your business.

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