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It’s Time to Go Direct to Reach Your B2B Customers

Transform the manufacturing buyer-seller relationship with a direct-to-customer sales model.

Streamline Your AP and AR Today!

Three ways manufacturers can attract B2B buyers and simplify processes:

Offer a line of credit and payment on terms with zero risk

Extend a line of credit and payment on terms to encourage additional spending, repeat visits and increased customer loyalty.

Go direct to B2B customers

Transform the manufacturing buyer-seller relationship with a direct-to-customer sales model to help increase your margins or pass on discounts to buyers.

Digitally transform back-end business processes

A totally digital experience will eliminate payments complexity with frictionless Accounts Receivables for you and Accounts Payments for your clients.

Industry Insights

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Making headway in key areas of Accounts Receivable (A/R)was difficult during the Covid-19 downturn, but with organisations now returning to a pre-pandemic work level, A/R is back in the spotlight. So, how should A/R teams be assessing their current A/R performance against industry peers?

How Lenovo Increased AOV by 114% on Their B2B Stores

To scale their international B2B sales, Lenovo wanted flexible and convenient payment options for their business buyers at checkout, including the ability for buyers to pay by purchase order with flexible net term options.

Go direct to your customers without taking on the risk.

Manufacturers are losing margin and profitability due to a reliance on very few distributors and a growth of grey imports being sold directly to end-to-end users.

With digital transformation, your manufacturing business can provide a better customer experience that targets your buyers directly and increase your margins.

This is why many major manufacturers already trust TreviPay to help grow their B2B revenue. 

Streamline Your A/P and A/R Today!

Speed, convenience and personalisation are key goals of digital transformation — and essential features for today’s B2B buyers.

However, without frictionless backend processes to handle tasks like underwriting, invoicing and credit management, manufacturers will increasingly see customers jump ship in favour of more digital-savvy competitors.

Download The Manufacturer’s Guide to Streamlining A/P and A/R today to learn more about the payment processes limiting manufacturing’s digital transformation and the credit management expertise that TreviPay can offer your business.

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