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Create a Thriving B2B Marketplace Community

Add a B2B-centric payment method to your marketplace

Increase Your B2B Customer Loyalty Today!

3 ways marketplaces can attract B2B buyers:

Add a B2B-centric payment method to your marketplace

Offer a line of credit and payment on terms as an alternative to escrow to encourage additional spending, repeat visits and increased loyalty with B2B buyers.

Make your B2B Marketplace stand out

Payment on terms is often the missing link to a rich suite of payment options. Differentiate your marketplace with extended terms up to 90 days.

Eliminate late payments and reduce fraudulent orders

Remove risk by placing risk assessment, underwriting and collections with one trusted provider.

Industry Insights

Upping Your Marketplace Game with Tools That Focus on the B2B Buyer

The popularity of online marketplaces has grown by leaps and bounds among buyers and sellers in both B2B and B2C recently. While marketplaces were already quickly gaining steam before 2020, COVID-19 underscored their importance and accelerated their adoption across the board.

‘Tail Spend’ Managed More Effectively with Payment Terms on New Procurement Marketplace

The international presence of TreviPay and its long list of client successes around the world made it a natural choice for b2buy to meet its planned expansion in the APAC region as well as taking advantage of emerging opportunities in the US.

Increase customer loyalty. Encourage additional spending.

Loyalty in the B2B Marketplace starts with a better B2B payment experience.

Getting a B2B company up and running can be simple, however, having the right technology in place will provide an enhanced marketplace shopping experience for the customer. For recurring purchases, other payment options, such as payment on terms provide a wider range of benefits.

With TreviPay, you can differentiate your marketplace by offering beyond the standard 30-day terms, with 60 or 90-days as alternatives.

Unlike a corporate card, credit can only be spent on your marketplace, which further encourages loyalty. 

Increase Your B2B Customer Loyalty Today!

The industry is moving toward a direct-to-customer selling model, transforming buyer-seller relationships
and accelerating the need to grow and
scale efficiently.

Fortunately, manufacturers who embrace technology and innovate their backend processes accordingly will thrive amid these rising pressures and economic changes.

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