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Easily Add Invoice Automation at eCommerce Checkout

Extend net terms at checkout to avoid high credit card transaction fees.

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TreviPay Can Transform Your Business.

Think about your business…

  • Does your eCommerce site extend trade credit at check out?
  • Do you have collection resources?
  • Can you provide the purchase controls your customers want?
  • Are you able to track invoices through the purchase process?

Introducing TreviPay® (TreviPay)

TreviPay brings B2B eCommerce into the future with the tools that buyers want.

  • Net 30 terms at checkout? Done.
  • Ability to customize purchase requirements at the customer-level? Done.
  • An easy, seamless buying experience? Done.

How does it work?

TreviPay allows savvy B2B companies to extend large trade credit lines at checkout within seconds without having to tie up capital or invest in A/R employees and systems. TreviPay provides credit to your customers, guarantees payment to you in as little as two days, and manages all billing, collections and customer service under your brand.

Using cloud-based software, TreviPay provides online, instant onboarding and automated credit decisions up to $250,000.

What’s more, our transaction fees are 30% less than credit cards.

TreviPay supports organizations who don’t consider extending trade credit a core competency. If this resonates with you, let’s schedule a quick call to determine how TreviPay can help you reach your goals and offer online invoicing.

Ready For More?

Watch the short video below to see how our pay by invoice option integrates into your eCommerce site.


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