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[CPPO Symposium 2021] Erasing the lines: Embedded Finance allows Non-Financial Brands to Offer Financial Services

embedded finance artwork

TreviPay CEO, Brandon Spear, recently sat on a panel at the 2021 CPPO Symposium. The conversation centered around embedded finance and the panel discussion touched on topics such as:

  • How are consumers driving trends in digital payments?
  • What can businesses and consumers expect?
  • What does the future of embedded finance look like?

The integration of a financial service into a non-financial app or website enables financial services on the customer’s terms, and allows non-financial businesses to build better, more immersive experiences that drive revenue and loyalty. Prepaid companies already have the payments, regulatory, operations and customer service expertise to enable embedded finance, and many have modernized their technology stack to offer faster, more seamless integrations between non-financial brands and the financial services they need to complement their customer experience.

The Panelists Included:

Howard Klein – President, Merchant Services and Payments, Peoples Trust
Kelly Knutson – President, Netspend and Senior Executive Vice President, Global Payments
Ellie Zolghadr – Director Product Development, Mastercard
Michael Suppa – Head of Payments, Canada, Paypal
Brandon Spear – CEO, TreviPay

The Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization  is a not-for-profit organization and the collective voice of the $5B prepaid payments industry in Canada.

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