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eCommerce Expo 2021

two women in shop looking at a tablet

The future of eCommerce is here. 

Note: This event has already occurred. If you missed the event, you can watch the OnDemand Webinar for the TreviPay learning session “Beyond the Buy Button” here.

The key themes of the eCommerce Virtual event center on the Future of Digital Commerce​ and Making Omnichannel a reality, and TreviPay wants to be a part of the conversation. 

Our Digital Futures provide the chance to deep-dive into disruptive new tech and trends. We’ll investigate the importance of headless architecture, APIs and eCommerce technologies and the event will feature sessions on building a trusted brand in 2021 and beyond and the rise of DTC and subscription-based services.  Don’t miss our upcoming session!  

TreviPay hosted a learning session Beyond the “Buy Button”:  Meeting revolutionary changes in B2B CX Expectations Through Embedded Finance on Thursday, September 30th

The delta between B2C buyer expectations and B2B buyer expectations collapsed during the pandemic. This revolutionary change has intensified the competition to “own” B2B customers. In response, companies must develop a future-ready and resilient payments strategy that goes beyond payment acceptance methods and addresses the complexities of truly frictionless B2B commerce. And while B2B embedded payments require more expertise and work to satisfy, B2B sellers and marketplaces that meet these heightened expectations will establish stickiness and loyalty with customers, and enjoy cost savings, increased revenue potential and better cashflow.

Learning Outcomes

  1. How B2B companies can develop a future-ready and resilient payments strategy in response to intensified competition.
  2. How B2B payments need to present more like B2C payments but merchants that can do this will meet the expectations of the digital-first buyer.
  3. How Instant decisioning and credit are key to B2B buyers and will help merchants attract buyers and build loyalty.

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