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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Taking on the Digital Invoicing and Payments Revolution

The live payments webinar has passed, but you can now view the recording!

In this webinar, TreviPay CEO Brandon Spear and featured speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Jacob Morgan discuss the future of payments and share recent research and real-world examples practitioners can use as a roadmap for B2B payments innovation.

The central message is clear: the era of digital payments revolutionizing business is coming to a close and business is now revolutionizing payments.

Watch the on-demand B2B payments webinar to hear how:

  • Business needs will create two paths forward: customizers and simplifiers
  • Insight from data will power competitive edge
  • Complexity of B2B payments will increase
  • Connectivity and collaboration will become dominant business models

We sat down with Jacob Morgan after the webinar to discuss B2B buying trends and the technology that supports B2B commerce. Get his hot takes.

The Speakers

Brandon Spear, TreviPay CEO

Brandon Spear

Jacob Morgan, Forrester Principal Analyst

Jacob Morgan
Featured Speaker
Principal Analyst

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