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Connect Your B2B eCommerce Ecosystem with Credit and Underwriting

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Today, there’s a strong market demand for turnkey B2B payment systems as large companies struggle to create a seamless payment experience for their customers. Even those offering an easy payment option for their consumers often lag when it comes to B2B transactions.

TreviPay’s mission is to help clients offer the same online convenience and experience to their B2B customers. After all, that’s what consumers expect, and B2B buyers are consumers too.

The Beauty of Seamless and ‘Sticky’ B2B Payment Systems

Consumers are use to the convenience of online buying. Two-day delivery is easier than driving to the store. But up until now, B2B customers haven’t enjoyed the same ease or convenience, especially when it comes to paying their business partners or receiving credit.

That’s changing though, TreviPay’ TreviPay solution brings the ease and simplicity of B2C purchases to B2B. Their products meet an urgent market need for frictionless payments and credit.

Our Solution: Credit and Underwriting That Connects Your B2B E-Commerce Ecosystem

TreviPay’ primary offering, TreviPay®, helps businesses facilitate and manage term-based transactions with their business partners. Businesses want to access a line of credit because it allows them to manage their cash flow. Meanwhile, sellers want to offer credit because it makes their services stickier and creates loyalty.

With credit cards charging an average of 3-4% per transaction, using this type of credit can be cost-prohibitive and unappealing. The market demands a partner that can offer credit in a seamless manner, and at a lower cost. The problem is that issuing extended terms to buyers is fraught with overhead and risk. Fraud, bad debt, delayed cashflow, and staffing a team to manage billing, payment, and collections can nearly erase the benefits.  In addition, the onboarding process to offer credit can be onerous and full of friction for the buyer.

As a result, TreviPay developed a regulatory compliant service that offers seamless onboarding, along with fraud protection and credit checks. The process is so streamlined that one company recently went from application to spending in under four minutes — at a fraction of the cost.

Price Verification: Building National Account Programs

TreviPay also provides customers with the ability to instantly and efficiently extend credit to businesses, and works with them to evaluate and support opportunities that require underwriting. The solution offers price verification services via national account programs that ensure customers can receive guaranteed, discount rates with partners and dealers without having to manage a single transaction. This unique and flexible approach to supporting customers takes the pain of managing pricing and invoicing away, so they can focus on driving revenue and profitability.

About the Author

Brandon, a pioneering executive,  has moved around the globe to lead entrepreneurial startup companies in the technology space. After first receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand, in South Africa, he received his Executive MBA from the University of Manchester, in England. Brandon now leads TreviPay as President with expertise in managing large, diverse global teams. His strength is discerning and focusing on the most important challenges facing an organization at a particular point in time and unifying all stakeholders behind accomplishing a set of specific goals. Brandon has a unique ability to connect across all levels of an organization, motivate staff with diverse skill sets, while ensuring a common alignment and results.

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TreviPay accelerates business commerce through TreviPay ; a suite of applications and services that allow companies access to robust payment and credit solutions, sophisticated managed services and expert-driven integrations to power global commerce.

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