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Discounted Cleaning Supplies Expands B2B Payment Options with TreviPay

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TreviPay enables Discounted Cleaning Supplies to extend terms to eCommerce customers.

TreviPay, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, today announced the launch of its solution for Discounted Cleaning Supplies. The technology will allow the UK-based company to offer trade credit and enable invoicing to their eCommerce customers while complying with UK invoicing regulations.

Following the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Discounted Cleaning Supplies saw unprecedented demand from its businesses customers to purchase affordable cleaning products online. To provide a seamless purchasing experience, the team at Discounted Cleaning Supplies looked to TreviPay to provide a payment option designed specifically for business buyers. Discounted Cleaning Supplies adopted TreviPay’ white-labeled, payment solution which enables the extension of trade credit and invoicing at checkout on their eCommerce Store. 

“TreviPay has served as a true partner and we could not be more impressed with their collaborative nature,” said David Simcox, Director at Discounted Cleaning Supplies. “Further, by removing the friction from the purchasing experience, we expect a strong increase of repeat purchases. With TreviPay, we look forward to better meeting buyers’ ever-evolving expectations.”

The company selected TreviPay as a partner due to its decades of expertise serving the global market, ability to comply with UK invoice regulations and operate on the standard GBP. Additionally, TreviPay’s Magento 2 plugin integrates directly into the Discounted Cleaning Supplies eCommerce platform. The program, which launched within a matter of months, will simplify and accelerate the extension of credit for the company’s business customers.

“Discounted Cleaning Supplies leads its industry with a robust purchasing experience designed for their customers,” said TreviPay CEO Brandon Spear. “Not only does the implementation of the technology create a streamlined purchasing experience, it also helps their business further establish a stronger relationship with its customers. We look forward to continuing to support Discounted Cleaning Supplies and their customers with payment options designed for business buyers and comply with local regulations.”

About TreviPay

TreviPay is a global leader in B2B payment and credit solutions, facilitating $6 billion in transactions per year in 17 currencies for customers in more than 190 countries. Our cutting-edge solution is setting the stage for the future of omni-channel B2B payments. The company specializes in payment and credit management for B2B companies across transportation, manufacturing and distribution, retail, eCommerce, and marketplaces.

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