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Listen Up: Best PYMNTS Podcasts of 2018

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Don’t think of them as mere podcasts — though PYMNTS certainly does a lot of podcasts, discussing with payments and commerce experts the hottest topics of the day, with each conversation not only digging into the past and present but having an outlook toward the future. No, think of them as miniature seminars. That’s not to put some boring academic spin on these digital discussions, but only to underscore how intelligent the material is, and how the participants often learn from each other during these events.

You can be sure to learn more than a few things — and gain some new ideas and insights into business opportunities — from each of the 13 top PYMNTS podcasts selected as the best and most interesting of the past year. The podcasts take in a wide variety of topics, from the emerging connected car ecosystem and what it really means, to getting a clear handle on blockchain, to the rise of contextual commerce, to making cross-border payments easier and less expensive, to — well, you get the idea. These podcasts focus on innovation, best practices, learning from past failures and the like. And more often than not, the podcast discussions include PYMNTS research reports and original data, sometimes in collaboration with others. Some veer toward the technical while others come across as more philosophical. In all cases, these podcasts are authoritative, as you’ve come to expect from PYMNTS coverage.

Igniting B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce doesn’t command the spotlight as does B2C retail, but that’s not the way it should be — that’s one of the messages you take away after listening to Brandon Spear, president of TreviPay. Not only is the B2B market three times the size of B2C, but B2B eCommerce is primed for explosive growth, complete with sellers who are looking for better ways to find buyers, and buyers who want to find new places to go shopping. “There are some titanic forces driving the needs for sellers to have a closer relationship with their buyside customers,” said Spear. “It’s not simple, but it’s a problem I think that people are focused on solving now and through the next couple of years.”

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