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Ten CEO Concerns That Could Kill The Economic Boom

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The Business Roundtable’s CEO Economic Outlook is at its highest level in history, and small business owners have reported their highest optimism in 35 years. But that doesn’t mean CEOs aren’t worried about potential concerns that could harm this boom period.

What will kill the good times? Here are 10 top CEOs concerns, loosely ranked from most severe or likely, to least so: Trade War Political Upheaval Presidential Self-Sabotage Runaway Rates and Inflation Black Swan Visitation Productivity Funk Overconcentration of Growth Budget Deficits Lack of Immigration Reform Drug Haze

TreviPay President, Brandon Spear is wary as well. “If the cost of money goes up, that will slow things,” says the CEO of an Overland Park, Kansas-based financial technology provider. “It will slow down the customers we work with and impact the cost of working capital. I worry about that.”

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