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TreviPay Featured in The Nilson Report

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TreviPay’s AR Platform with B2B Trade Credit

The following is an excerpt from The Nilson Report.

Most business-to-business (B2B) trade credit involves a redirect from the seller’s platform to the website of a bank partner that underwrites accounts receivable (AR) financing or a manual in-house process. The embedded finance platform from TreviPay provides sellers the ability to offer their business customers credit at checkout with approvals delivered in 30 seconds with no need for a redirect or manual review. 

The TreviPay platform handled $6 billion in sales last year. It is used by sellers in 22 countries, exclusively on a white-label basis. 

Over 90% of the trade credit provided is carried on TreviPay’s balance sheet. Sellers are funded within two days. Some sellers use the platform and carry their own receivables. Buyers pay TreviPay via the automated clearing house network, credit cards, wire transfers or paper check. TreviPay operates its own payment gateway.

About 60% of TreviPay’s customers are based in the U.S. and include Best Buy Business and Navistar. An omnichannel service launched earlier this year outside the U.S. gives buyers access to their trade credit via a mobile app when making in-store purchases. The app, which is branded with the seller’s corporate logo, uses two-factor authentication for security and to make purchases irrefutable. 

Digital River offers merchants in Europe TreviPay’s platform, in part because its capabilities include handling all compliance requirements for VAT invoices.

B2B marketplaces imake TreviPay available to merchants on their platforms. Acquirers of card payment transactions can link to TreviPay and offer its AR and trade credit platform on a white-label basis. 

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