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Give B2B Buyers a Payment Choice at Checkout

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B2B payments must meet the varied and specific needs of buyers and sellers and nine out of 10 B2B buyers research the payment method options a company offers before purchasing from a vendor.

Transactions between B2B companies have challenges and considerations that don’t apply in B2C. In this free white paper, you will learn how companies pay each other today, and how they will pay each other in the future.

As you grow your business to compete globally, payments by paper checks and credit cards aren’t advisable. Paper checks lead to fraud and clerical errors and credit cards are expensive. In 2014, B2B companies spent an average of $2.2 million in credit card processing fees for every billion of revenue.

Fortunately, FinTechs like TreviPay are searching for affordable, efficient payment solutions that don’t rely on credit cards and paper checks. These solutions will make life easier for buyers and sellers alike.

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