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Australia Round Table Report: The Payments Experience B2B Buyers Want From Their Sellers

B2B payments landscapes require a deep understanding of businesses’ unique complexities and diverse transaction preferences. B2B transactions utilize longer payment terms, intricate invoice reconciliations and various system integrations. Explore these issues with insights shared at a recent roundtable conducted in Sydney, Australia sponsored by TreviPay and hosted by the Emerging Payments Association Asia (EPAA) to discuss the regional and global aspects of the region.

Join leading industry experts including Allen Bonde, CMO of TreviPay, Andrew Scarra, Country Payments Leader IKEA, Hilary McMahon, Commercial Solutions Mastercard, Joanne Walker, Lead Partner Oceania FSO Tech Consulting and Paul Burke, National Development and Technical Manager, as they discuss the pressing challenges and vast opportunities associated with B2B payments.

Read the report to understand how commercial, corporate and virtual cards can streamline B2B payments, despite their current limited use. Learn how businesses can leverage these tools to improve customer acquisition, retention and revenue.

By reading this article you will come away with:

  • Insights into the unique demands of B2B buyers and how these shape payment preferences
  • Strategies to overcome legacy system challenges and improve payment processes
  • Understanding of technological advancements in transforming B2B payments

Read the full report here:

Read the report here