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Build A Customer-Centric Experience At Checkout and Beyond 

Wow your B2B customers with a fully-branded, seamless customer experience at every step of the payments journey.

Identify Your B2B Buyer Pain Points Today!

3 ways retailers can attract B2B buyers:

Offer a line of credit and payment on terms without risk

Extend a line of credit and payments on terms to encourage additional spending, repeat visits and increased loyalty. Plus offering 30-day terms – uncommon in B2B eCommerce – can help differentiate from competitors.

Stand out to your B2B customers

Offer choice and convenience at checkout with a 100% digital B2B payment experience, requiring no paperwork for a seamless buyer experience.

Eliminate late payments and reduce fraudulent orders

Take all the risk away by placing risk assessment, underwriting and collections with one trusted provider.

Industry Insights

TreviPay mobile app being used at store counter

Make Your B2B Retail Payments Seamless and More Secure

Imagine your customers migrating to retailers that offer more modern B2B payment methods and favourable terms to their customers. Sellers that only accept standard credit card purchases and don’t embrace new forms of B2B payments could fail and lose share of wallet and customers.

How Lenovo Increased AOV by 114% on Their B2B Stores

To scale their international B2B sales, Lenovo wanted flexible and convenient payment options for their business buyers at checkout, including the ability for buyers to pay by purchase order with flexible net term options.

Maximise growth and loyalty from your B2B Customers.

Retailers need to respond to the growing expectations from B2B Buyers wherever they are making their purchases. Whether your customers choose to buy in-store, online or through your sales team, they are covered.

We know user experience is critical, so you can make the application and payment process seamless with your own branding. That’s why major retailers already trust TreviPay to help grow their B2B revenue.

Identify B2B Buyer Pain Points In Your B2C Strategy Today!

The number of B2B buyers purchasing on what is traditionally a B2C channel may surprise you. Credit cards won’t cut it anymore for many B2B purchases so there is an immense opportunity to recognise B2B buyers and help them buy more, more often.

Our latest eBook, “The Hidden B2B Potential in Your B2C Checkout” addresses how you can identify B2B buyer pain points and make a business case for an updated B2B payments strategy.

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