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Choices at Checkout designed for B2B retail customers

Advancements in payment technologies are transforming how buyers and sellers interact in B2B retail. Learn how to optimize your payment strategy for a new era of B2B sales.

Choices at Checkout B2B Commerce

In our whitepaper, “Creating a Better B2B Purchasing Experience Across All Channels” you’ll learn how digital transformation reduces purchasing frustrations, contributes to building customer loyalty and increases revenue in B2B sales by offering choices at checkout.

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Key Insights from Choices at Checkout

“Creating a Better B2B Purchasing Experience Across All Channels,” addresses five post-pandemic B2B realities that present valuable opportunities:

B2B eCommerce has permanently changed.

The acceleration in the use of technology, digitization and new forms of working B2B sales are going to outlast the pandemic.

Trust and transparency are on equal footing with pricing and convenience.

Satisfying expectations boils down to the availability of choices at checkout and how well the payment choices are designed, supported and executed.

Convenient technology integrations enable a true omni-channel experience.

An eCommerce platform and the applications that integrate with it must enable buyers to choose their optimal sales channel in any given situation.

A strong foundation supports B2B marketplace’s soaring growth.

Buyers, sellers and providers have amassed more than two decades’ worth of insights on the types of relationships, technology integrations and processes that work best.

Choices at checkout apply to the entire community of B2B sales.

Processes and supporting technology must seamlessly connect front-end touch points with back-office systems.

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Download “Creating a Better B2B Purchasing Experience Across All Channels,” where we address five post-pandemic B2B Marketplace realities that present valuable opportunities.