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Solving Problems for Clients Across Industries

TreviPay enables you to reach new markets, conduct cross-border trade, meet the demands of corporate customers and build loyalty to solve your business challenges.


Direct sales to end customers or national accounts is simple for manufacturers and OEMs of components, parts and finished goods on one of the TreviPay networks. Make it easy for clients to buy more with invoice-based purchasing across all your channels.

Learn how TreviPay Helps Manufacturers

“With TreviPay’s experience in industry-leading technology and trade credit underwriting with a strong international footprint, D&B can now meet our wholesale customers’ unmet need for flexible payment terms, without using our own valuable working capital.”

Ben Muller
Co-Founder, Dock & Bay


Meet the needs of large customers with simplified invoicing, contract pricing and standardized payment terms without having to build these capabilities in your own complex distribution or franchisee channels.


Transportation and logistics, whether it is cargo or people, requires specific invoicing, credit and payments offerings. TreviPay makes it so you won’t have to worry about invoicing, collections and foreign exchange risk in other countries.

B2B Retail

Consumer retail strategies do not work when selling to business customers. Offer robust invoicing, trade credit, flexible payment terms and purchase controls to your customers – all for less than typical credit card fees.

Learn how TreviPay Supports B2B Retailers

“Choosing TreviPay meant we could offer payment on terms without worrying about underwriting the risk, PCI compliance, regulations or Australia’s notoriously complicated AML rules.”

James Nofor
Co-Founder, b2buy


Give business customers the payment method they prefer. Offer invoice and trade credit terms at checkout to grow your GMV. TreviPay supports variable commission structures and payout to sellers in multiple countries. Onboard your sellers and we will underwrite and onboard your buyers within seconds.

Learn How Marketplaces Boost Sales


Enhance wallet share with large enterprise customers by offering centralized billing and payment terms for contracted services. Examples include fleet management services, hotel/hospitality and repair and maintenance services.

Service Providers: Grow Share of Wallet with TreviPay

SMB Banking

Banking institutions have the option to provide their SMB customers with branded working capital management solutions by utilizing the TreviPay platform. Gain new business customers (and a new revenue stream) by offering invoice financing and dashboard cash management tools.

See how building your own payments and invoicing network can accelerate your business.