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TreviPay Financial Partner Gateway for Banks

Net Terms Financing and Invoicing for Corporate Clients

How TreviPay Can Help Banks and Financial Institutions

By partnering with TreviPay, banks and financial institutions can now deliver automated order-to-cash processes, invoicing, underwriting and trade credit management via TreviPay’s suite of APIs. TreviPay’s platform allows banks to deploy their capital to known business buyers, while TreviPay’s technology delivers a seamless purchasing, reconciliation and collection experience for the buyer. 


Enables bank partners to white-label and monetize the TreviPay platform


Banks can easily configure TreviPay features (fraud screening, buyer purchasing controls, collections, etc.)   


Modern API architecture provides easy integration with minimal changes to existing bank systems using a suite of APIs, webhooks, web portal, onboarding and configuration templates 


Banks gain access to TreviPay’s digital buyer onboarding, payment methods/controls, global invoicing and support services 

New Revenue Opportunity for Banks and Financial Institutions

If your bank is searching for products to bring to market to add value to traditional enterprise clients, TreviPay has the solution:

Graph Image TreviPay

Deploy Additional Capital

Money image TreviPay

Create New Revenue Streams

Bank Image TreviPay

Automate A/R for B2B Banking Clients

Ready to offer automated global onboarding, financing and invoicing to your product suite?