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TreviPay Demo

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Creating the ideal purchasing experience for B2B Buyers, at checkout online.

Statistics show more than half of B2B buyers say they haven’t completed a purchase because the checkout process took too long, and if you make the purchasing experience easy, 75% of buyers will become repeat customers. This is the reality of business-to-business commerce. It should be as seamless as B2C transactions.

That’s why we created TreviPay. The demo walks through how TreviPay can give your customers what they want to experience, paying by invoice at checkout. See how your buyers could receive trade credit in under 30 seconds. Buyers can apply for trade credit on your eCommerce website using InvoiceMe, our alternative payment tool within TreviPay. InvoiceMe can easily be integrated on any eCommerce platform including Magento, BigCommerce, GenAlpha, Epi and ElasticPath.

TreviPay removes friction in the purchasing process, increases AOV and drives customer loyalty without any of the capital burden. We’ll extend terms to the buyer, provide settlement to you in as little as 48 hours and take care of collections.

Watch it on demand or schedule a demo to see it one on one.

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