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TreviPay Mobile App Demo

TreviPay mobile app

B2B eCommerce is even easier with the TreviPay B2B mobile app. Now, merchants can grant “buy now, pay later” access with a seamless mobile app experience in retail stores.

Retailers need to respond to the growing expectation of B2B buyers to replicate a B2C-like checkout solution. TreviPay is focused on creating B2B payments innovation at the checkout delivering ways for buyers and sellers to connect and make transactions seamless and more secure. The TreviPay mobile app is one application designed to bring ease, simplicity and security to in-store checkout for B2B purchases.

TreviPay’s mobile payment app is designed to give business-to-business (B2B) customers who purchase in-store an omnichannel experience. This one-click payment app for B2B buyers found its first partner in Staples Canada, which is now leveraging the offering in all its stores.

Read the press release for more details, here.

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