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How TreviPay Got Its Name

TreviPay logo and classic building with fountain

While the TreviPay name is new, the focus on using information, innovation and technology to help business succeed is deeply rooted in our 40-plus year history. As we enter the TreviPay era, we are poised to honor our company’s legacy while revolutionizing B2B payments.

The road to TreviPay began last fall when Corsair Capital acquired MSTS. Starting the next chapter of our company, we determined the MSTS name didn’t describe what we do or give justice to the services we provide to our clients to help their business grow. Setting out to create a new brand that is more descriptive of who we are and what we do, we took this opportunity to make a positive impact and serve as a leader the payments market.

Here are some details about how we chose TreviPay as the name of our organization.

Good Things Come in Threes

The genesis of the TreviPay name starts with the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome. The Trevi Fountain, sits at the junction of three roads, (tre vie is Italian for three roads) at the end of an historic aqueduct. The convergence of these three roads parallels the experience of how our clients, their customers and TreviPay join to form an enduring partnership built on a foundation of trust. We come together with our clients and their customers to exceed expectations and provide a lasting and beneficial partnership.

The City of Fountains

The name also pays tribute to our U.S. headquarters in Kansas City. Situated at the crossroads of America, Kansas City is in the heart of the silicon prairie. A place where outstanding innovation in technology happens daily. Kansas City, also known as the City of Fountains, is a Midwestern metropolis with international connections. Kansas City incorporates more than 200 fountains into its landscape, which represents the vital nature of water. And like water, the essential flow of money is symbolic of how we help businesses develop, grow and succeed.

Timeless. Vital. Essential.  

Combining an enduring history, solid values and exceptional opportunity, TreviPay’s payment solution delivers expertise on a global scale. With its international reach and limitless innovation, TreviPay helps businesses reach their goals faster.  

Helping Business Grow

While our brand has received a refresh, the one thing that will not change is our commitment to our customers. We support our clients navigating the rapidly changing world of digital commerce and we are prepared to evolve alongside our clients.

I look forward to this new era of B2B commerce. I’m glad you’re here to take the journey together.

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