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When Payments Flow, Business Grows

B2B commerce is moving faster than ever before. Turn to TreviPay’s embedded payments solution to streamline complex B2B payments & grow your business.

TreviPay delivers fast, frictionless embedded payments for every channel in today’s digital, global B2B commerce.

We combine embedded finance technology, services and working capital to deliver the best B2B buyer experience with B2C simplicity that drives sales, reduces risk and improves cash flow. When payments flow, business grows.

TreviPay B2B payment services

We’re setting new standards in B2B payment services.

We power over $6 Billion in global transactions across 27 countries and 18 currencies.

For 40 years, companies have come to us to simplify complex term-payment challenges through innovative embedded finance technologies and services.

We simplify complex B2B payments.
Work Easier, Smarter and Faster.

B2B commerce
as easy as B2C.

Remove the complexities of B2B commerce and start building loyalty through every experience.

Offer credit & net terms to drive sales growth.

Increase sales and attract new, repeat customers who buy more, more often.

Improve cash flow with automated systems.

Payments technology and support services work together to remove complexity, so you get paid faster.

Reduce risk & enhance trust between buyers & sellers.

Reduce every major form of commerce risk from fraud and foreign exchange risk to bad debt.

embedded payments in trevipay droplets

Making the payment process both seamless and flexible between seller and buyer regardless of channel.

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