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Previously known as MSTS, we’re a global B2B Payments Company with a new name for a new era.

Previously known as MSTS, our clients rely on our innovative technology, services, and working capital to streamline payments and improve cash flow in this new generation of B2B commerce.

We take care of our clients by taking care of their customers. As a result, this past year alone we processed:

$6 billion in transactions in over 27 countries and 18 currencies.

5 Ways We Add Superior Value in B2B Commerce

Human Touch

The Human Touch

Doing the right thing is only human.

When clients trust us with something as valuable as their business, we have an obligation to provide the latest technology and a human touch. It’s why there’s always a Customer Success Manager and team available to work alongside you and to handle any credit issues.


Truly Omni-Channel

Omni-channel products for an omni-channel world.

Our platform supports all sales channels and provides a frictionless buyer experience, regardless of channel, and with invoices and payment terms that are expected. All at the speed of B2B commerce.


30-Second Onboarding

Onboarding is slow. So we make it lightning fast.

Slow and opaque underwriting tasks have been replaced with a transparent process. We provide a credit line to a qualified business in under 30 seconds while simultaneously evaluating fraud and other risks.


Purchasing & Pricing

Seamless approvals. No worries.

Our technology easily allows authorization, purchase controls and approval of purchases among buyers with different contract prices – while aligning the procurement and purchasing processes with that of the seller.


Invoicing & Bill Payment

We’ll focus on you getting paid so you don’t have to.

With electronic invoicing and payment built into one platform, sellers will no longer have to send an invoice, collect on that invoice, or worry about chasing bad debt.

What makes TreviPay so much better than other B2B payment methods?

We created a payment process for our clients that takes digital transformation to the next level on everything from onboarding, underwriting, acquiring the transaction, receiving settlement, and producing an invoice that their customers can easily consume and pay. The whole process is simple, increases their customer’s loyalty and repurposes capital instead of tying it up. B2B commerce, simplified.

The Payment Flow

Step 1

Buyer Qualification & Onboarding

Step 2

Omni-channel Supported Transactions

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Billing & Invoicing

Step 6

Buyer Payment

The Ever-Changing Marketplace

We know the importance of brand loyalty in B2B commerce, even on the frontier known as the Marketplace

Marketplaces are experiencing a rapid evolution. We are one of the few payment companies that has the technology and the service structure to support it. We offer a payment option that allows a buyer to get a line of credit on a marketplace to be used with multiple sellers. And when loyalty is created to a particular marketplace, it makes a mark on sales and volume.

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