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All-in-One Payments with TreviPay

With TreviPay’s all-in-one payments B2B sellers can now serve the entire spectrum of business buyers with one solution.

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TreviPay is Your Single Vendor for both Net Terms and Card Payments at Checkout

A challenge for many B2B merchants and marketplaces is the need to support both SMB and enterprise buyers, requiring the ability to offer both up-front transactional payments and trade credit. Giving merchants and sellers the power of payment choice, TreviPay’s all-in-one payments solution allows buyers to pay in the manner most convenient to them – by card or net terms. 

The result: B2B merchants and marketplaces can serve the entire spectrum of business buyers with TreviPay as their single payments vendor.

Net Terms

Frequent Purchases, Higher Spend, Custom Needs and Pricing


Card Payments

One-time or Less Frequent Purchases,
Lower Spend, List Pricing

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The Value of All-in-One Payments for Merchants and Buyers

With all-in-one payments merchants and sellers can accept all card types allowing business buyers to either pay upfront with card, ACH or mobile wallet, or pay later through net terms and invoicing to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt. 

Single Integration

TreviPay helps businesses streamline B2B payments through a single integrated checkout experience.

Consolidated Reporting

TreviPay APIs provide integrated reporting to systematically deliver detailed reimbursement documentation daily. TreviPay also provides consolidated reporting for card and net terms payments and deposits — at the marketplace and individual seller levels.

Consolidated Payments

TreviPay enables its sellers to accept multiple payment modalities including card-based payments, net terms, ACH and other alternative payment methods, such as a digital wallet.

How it Works

TreviPay supports credit and debit card payments for customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Europe and Australia. With this integration, sellers can install a card module on their eCommerce page at checkout to accept the payment type at order placement.

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Onboarding and Setup

  • Sellers are underwritten by TreviPay.
  • Easy-to-install toolkit available to accept card payments and net terms at checkout.
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PCI Compliance

  • Compliance with PCI standards is not required of the seller or merchant.
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Cost and Fees 

  • A small fee will be assessed if your customer chooses to pay by card. The fee is a percentage of the total amount due and is dependent on the type of card used. 

Card Processing Features

16 Payout Currencies & 25+ Locales
Supports 47 Countries for Local Acquiring
3D Secure, GDPR and PCI Compliant
Subscription/Recurring Billing
Account Updater
Split Payments for Marketplaces

Want to see a demo of TreviPay’s All-in-One Payments solution?