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Small Business Supplier Network (SBSN)

The First Payment Network Built for Banks and their Small Business Customers

SBSN provides real-time, risk-free and debt-free payments for your B2B SMB customers, eliminating accounts receivable just like credit cards did for B2C retailers, giving your bank a healthy revenue stream.

SMBs are a Bank’s Largest Growth Opportunity

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SMBs extend $5 Trillion in B2B trade credit to customers every year in the U.S. alone.

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SMB customers want 30+ day credit terms but their employees need to be paid weekly.

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Current financial solutions finance less than 15% of SMB trade credit extensions.

How it Works

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Small Business

Unleash small business selling power. Empower SMBs to finance their own growth instead of financing their customers’ purchases.

Small Business Supplier

A fully integrated payments network, running in parallel with card payments, to deliver a structured financial service through a white-labeled partnership with banks.

Financial Institution

Extend small business financial services safely and profitably into the untapped B2B trade credit market and grow a new fee-based income stream.

Benefits for Member Banks Servicing SMBs

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Customer Satisfaction

Deepen customer relationships and strengthen customer retention.

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Growth Driver

Expand into a new market
segment, growing portfolio balances and revenue.

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Sound Risk Structure

Safety and soundness
scale continuously through multiple levels of protection.

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Simple Go-to-Market

Fully compliant program
ready to implement with
no software integration.

Benefits for the Small Business Supplier

Debt-free liquidity to help small businesses eliminate accounts receivable and increase cash flow – just like card merchant services, but designed specifically for B2B transactions.

Image of invoice and TreviPay small business network

The TreviPay Small Business Supplier Network enables your SMBs to sell more by:

  • Check Qualifying Their Business Customers
    100% online processes with real-time decision-making.
  • Check Presenting Invoice for Payment
    A parallel to swiping to authorize a card payment.
  • Check Receive Real-Time Payments
    Suppliers get paid 100% of invoice value less fee in as few as three business days.
  • Check Providing Risk-Free Payments
    Suppliers deliver goods & services as agreed and handle disputes.
  • Check Delivering Debt-Free Payments
    Suppliers eliminate accounts receivable without incurring debt.

Drive Low-Risk Growth and Loyalty with your Small Business Customers

Learn how TreviPay helps banks grow their SMB portfolio.

TreviPay & Member Bank Network Roles

Member Banks Control & Customize
the Platform According to their Preferences


Configure solution features to align with existing customer segment needs.

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Customize risk policies
implemented in TreviPay to manage portfolio exposure.

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Set bank fees in the range of card merchant services (2-6%).


Support go-to-market
strategy inside and outside of the bank.

SMB Success Story:
Dillon Concrete

The SMB was looking for a solution that increased the company’s financial stability, without borrowing. Dillon Brothers Concrete turned to TreviPay for the infrastructure to get paid faster and remove friction from A/R processes.


“TreviPay helps us to be bankable. It helps Dillon Brothers a lot. It strengthens our cash flow. It makes our balance sheet look a lot stronger to the banks that we’re trying to get maybe a loan from to buy equipment or vehicles.” 

Larry Dillon
CEO, Dillon Brothers Concrete​​

Drive Low-Risk Growth and Loyalty with your Small Business Customers.

Learn how TreviPay helps banks grow their SMB portfolio.