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TreviPay Aviation Network Powered by KHI

The Co-Branded Aviation Card on the Largest, Global Network

Your brand can earn front of wallet position for the purchase of aviation services from thousands of service providers across the global TreviPay Aviation Network.

Business professionals walking toward plane using FBO

Elevate Your Service for Global Travelers

FBOs and trip support service providers can issue a branded card that delivers outstanding service and convenience as their clients travel the world. Powered by KHI, the global TreviPay Aviation Network offers your clients access to 7,000 ICAO locations in 220 countries.

Consolidated Invoicing & Efficient Billing

The co-branded card solution enables you to become a card issuer with access to a global network, providing your customers with convenience, control and seamless access to transaction data. Gaining you loyalty, insight and more volume through increased share of wallet.

Card for making purchases

Co-Branded Global Aviation Card

A single payment method for your clients that lifts loyalty and is agnostic in fuel procurement, with all the controls expected.

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Reliable Transaction Processing

Transactions flow on existing, closed loop rails, with data captured from a multitude of providers and in multiple forms, hand-written to digital invoices.

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Client, Merchant and Cardholder Services

Issuing solution with pay-out capabilities, invoicing and reconciliation

With access to 7,000 ICAO locations in 220 countries, our network extends your brand’s ability to offer outstanding convenience as they travel beyond your own locations.

Experience in Aviation Processing & Payments Services

The TreviPay Aviation Network combines 40 years of KHI aviation expertise with commercial invoicing technology from TreviPay. One network connected by real-time digital technology.

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  • Check Processing $6 Billion in transaction volume annually
  • Check TreviPay builds global B2B payments and invoicing network for manufacturing, transportation and aviation
  • Check Industry specific experience in invoicing, collection and A/R management
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  • Check 30 years of credit card processing and industry experience serving the Aviation Industry​
  • Check KHI has been providing fuel payment solutions for US government for 20 years
  • Check Global network and strong merchant relationships

Card Solution & Network Access

TreviPay technology in middle connecting FBO's and merchant cardholders

Benefits for Fixed Base Operators & Trip Support Service Providers

  • Check Co-branded global aviation card accepted at all vendors across the KHI network
  • Check Track customer purchasing activity and issue loyalty rewards
  • Check Billing and pricing alliances
  • Check Entire invoicing process is digitized and streamlined with invoices customized with every detail, down to tail numbers
  • Check Closed-loop card saves on fees over open-loop options
Hangar manager with an FBO customer
Two professionals using private plane after making payment

Benefits for Card Holders & Aircraft Operators

  • Check Single card for payment in a global network
  • Check Tail-specific reporting and prompt receipts – no more waiting for delivery from multiple lifts or delayed trips
  • Check Negotiated pricing
  • Check Purchasing controls between cardholders and suppliers help to reduce disputes

A Modular Solution   

Choose from either a Technology only or Full Service Solution

Icon for settings configuration


  • Digital enrollment 
  • Credit limit management
  • Transaction authorization 
  • Invoicing 
  • Card production and fulfillment 
  • System integrations 
  • Merchant settlement
  • Reporting 
  • Level III data 
  • Client Support
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  • Tiered cardholder support
  • Merchant Support
  • Collection
  • Cash application
  • Integration technology support
  • Underwriting and credit risk management (optional)
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Working Capital

  • 15, 30, 45 and/or 60 days (optional)
  • TreviPay owns 100% card holder credit risk (optional)

Why choose the TreviPay Aviation Network?

Global aviation services are complex and fragmented. Give your clients one branded card that puts you in the center of a digitally connected global network of fuel and service providers, powered by KHI, the industry payment experts.