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TreviPay Network

A Global Network
of Business Buyers & Sellers

The TreviPay Network provides buy now, pay later for business enabling point of purchase invoicing and payments in 32 countries. 

TreviPay Network allows payments in 32 countries

An Open Network of Thousands of Buyers & Sellers with Global Payments & Invoicing

Offer point-of-purchase financing across all your sales channels with one simple integration. Your business customers can take advantage of BNPL for Business convenience with trade credit, onboarding, line-item invoicing for purchase order reconciliation and KYC/KYB/AML compliance.​ Trade Credit with no risk, no capital and no hassle.

Technology Features

Increase your customers’ purchasing power. TreviPay has the highest buyer approval rates in the industry.

Real-time point-of-sale invoicing can grow cart sizes and increase repeat purchasing.

Flexible reimbursement frees up capital and improves your balance sheet.

90,000 businesses from SMBs to large enterprises rely on the TreviPay network to conduct trade with more than $3B in extended trade credit.

Screen where you can see TreviPay payment options

Offer TreviPay as a Payment Option

Offer TreviPay as a payment option to launch invoicing and trade credit across all sales channels while avoiding the risk, costs and capital requirements of traditional accounts receivable.

  • Check Easy integration with simple APIs to add TreviPay as a payment option on your checkout page with invoicing and terms to your customers.
  • Check Real-time buyer decisioning and onboarding in <30 seconds with AML/KYC/KYB and identity fraud prevention.
  • Check Invoicing with 30 to 90-day payment terms and settlement in as little as 48 hours.
  • Check All transaction details and status in real-time via the intuitive TreviPay buyer and seller portals.

TreviPay Helps Grow Your Business

Expand your buyer network with the highest buyer approval rates in the industry.

Your clients apply using 100% digital processes and can be onboarded in less than 30 seconds.

TreviPay underwrites business credit lines from $5K to $20M so your clients can start spending immediately.

Customers purchase from you on any channel and TreviPay processes the payment.

Guaranteed seller settlement trevipay network infographic element

You get guaranteed payment with a choice of 2, 7, 14 or 30-day settlement.

Your customers pay on
30 to 90-day terms.

TreviPay is responsible for all collections.

Increase Conversions

Increase AOV

Increase LTV

Your Buyers’ New Favorite Payment Method

Buyers increase their purchasing power with interest-free working capital while enjoying efficiencies through A/P process automation on the TreviPay Network.

  • Check Simplified invoicing with SKU-level details.
  • Check Automated reconciliation, purchase controls and dispute management.
  • Check Easy payment options including check,
    wire, direct debit and credit card.
B2B Buyers new favorite payment method product mockup

Resources for B2B Business Growth

The easiest way to launch a net terms program is just a click away.

Let TreviPay show you how you can reduce costs, increase sales and improve cashflow.