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Customer-Specific Pricing for eCommerce

TreviPay allows B2B buyers to lock in negotiated pricing for online shopping.

B2B Buyers Want to Buy Online – Can You Honor Contract Pricing When They Do?

An important component of B2B sales is the ability for buyers to negotiate personalized pricing with sellers. As digital transformation continues its march forward, this is still an important piece of B2B relationships; but it can be a challenge to execute in eCommerce stores.

Enter TreviPay. We help sellers create a truly omnichannel experience for buyers, whether they make purchases through a salesperson or online. Using TreviPay and open APIs, sellers can honor customer-specific pricing at the SKU level for online purchases. This allows buyers to purchase how they want – online – without sacrificing valuable discounts.

In short, TreviPay is a global B2B payments company that removes friction across all sales channels.

How TreviPay Helps B2B Sellers:

  • Credit management with Flexible Net Terms/Trade Credit (30-90 days)
  • Automated onboarding
  • Invoicing at checkout with purchase orders
  • Predictable revenue and fast reimbursement; settlement in 24 hours

To get the complete picture of how TreviPay helps leading B2B organizations streamline payments and improve cash flow, schedule a quick demo.

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Forrester Included TreviPay in New Tech: Marketplace Development Platforms and Tools, Q4 2020

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