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Accelerate Quote to Cash with TreviPay

Outsource Underwriting and Focus on Growing Your Brand

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TreviPay Can Transform Your B2B Business.

Get Paid Faster with TreviPay

TreviPay allows you to offer flexible, branded credit lines to your customers, freeing up working capital and accelerating quote to cash. With TreviPay, it's as easy for your customers to get an invoice as it is to use a credit card.

How does it work?

Receivables and revenue are one and the same with TreviPay. Our solution approves customers for credit (under your brand) in under a minute. You receive guaranteed payment from TreviPay in as little as 48 hours, and we own the receivables from your customers.

What's more, our transaction fees are 30% less than credit cards.

The benefits don’t end with lower fees. TreviPay also reduces A/R costs by cutting down on billing errors and simplifying underwriting.

Companies who trust TreviPay