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B2B eCommerce Credit Management Benefits

Increase cash flow and preserve working capital

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TreviPay is Changing B2B Credit Management

TreviPay (TreviPay) from TreviPay delivers powerful B2B eCommerce credit management for your business.

Consider the way your buyers are moving through the purchasing process. Are they able to fully experience a frictionless, B2C purchasing experience within your current B2B eCommerce credit management solution?

TreviPay is the answer to implementing bespoke credit management to boost your bottom line.

How does it work?

TreviPay is a cloud-based software that provides a dedicated credit line for your customers and acts as both accounts receivable and collections for your business. Used across all purchase channels, TreviPay provides a central clearinghouse for purchase data allowing you to implement pricing strategies for B2B at the customer level.

TreviPay provides invoicing at checkout and can be configured to meet the complex purchasing requirements of your buyers, including the creation of purchase orders for online purchases. Backed by TreviPay’ experienced teams,TreviPay delivers credit to your clients, guarantees payment to you in as little as two days, and manages all billing, collections and customer service under your brand. You will receive guaranteed payment from TreviPay in as little as 48 hours, and TreviPay owns the receivables.

Take your B2B eCommerce credit management to the next level and contact us today.

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