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Beyond the Transaction: Episode 4

Beyond the Transaction Ep 4: The Power of The Network & Changing Customer Preferences in Corporate Travel featuring Wendy Ward hosted by Allen Bonde

Beyond the Transaction Ep. 4: The Power of The Network & Changing Customer Preferences in Corporate Travel

Join Allen Bonde, TreviPay CMO, as he discusses airline distribution and payments with industry expert Wendy Ward from UATP. In this episode, we explore the dynamic interplay between individual traveler preferences and corporate necessities, unveiling the power of the network in shaping the future of travel.

From her 20-year tenure at UATP to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of airline distribution, Wendy Ward shares insights, experiences and what fuels her passion for this dynamic field. Discover how Wendy and UATP weathered the storm of unprecedented challenges, from the impact of COVID-19 to the relentless pursuit of innovation and growth. Gain valuable insights into the pivotal role played by UATP in driving industry-wide advancements, from brand refreshes to groundbreaking product launches.

Wendy paints a compelling picture of the industry’s resilience and adaptability, showcasing how organizations like UATP are not just surviving, but thriving in the face of adversity. From leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI to forging strategic partnerships across the distribution chain, discover how UATP is leading the charge toward a more efficient, customer-centric future. Wendy and Allen also cover the transformative power of networks, unraveling how digital platforms and data-driven insights are reshaping the business landscape.

So whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a curious newcomer, Beyond the Transaction Episode 4 is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of airline distribution and payments. Tune in now and embark on a journey of discovery with Wendy Ward and Allen Bonde.

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