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How Commercial Vehicle OEMs Can Build Fleet Loyalty

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In a complex industry with vast dealer networks and multiple distribution channels, commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often struggle to connect directly with their fleet customers. Building fleet loyalty is no easy feat, requiring tight alignment with dealers to deliver consistency and automation.

Many OEMs are surprised to learn that the payments process—not promotions or other schemes—is among the most powerful loyalty builder in this industry. Why? Because national account payment programs remove friction from the buying process by offering protection through contract price and purchase policy enforcement, while giving fleets consolidated billing. Increasingly, these types of payments programs are becoming table stakes in the aftermarket parts game.

A Payments Network Purpose-Built for OEMs 

TreviPay offers a proprietary technology platform that connects OEMs, dealerships and fleets to build deep-rooted business relationships. Underpinning the technology are network sponsors that reap measurable benefits, including: 

  • Sales growth through partnership with TreviPay’s best-in-class go-to-market partnership and industry-leading support to allow OEM sales teams to focus on sales
  • Reduced billing errors caused by manual entry by dealers, leveraging DMS integrations
  • Consistency and reliability through automated, dynamic not-to-exceed pricing and purchase policy enforcement to eliminate invoice errors for fleet customers
  • Operational efficiencies by digitizing invoicing and A/R processes, with billing options ranging from PDF to fully integrated order-to-cash solutions 

Benefits of Becoming a Network Sponsor

OEMs that partner with TreviPay enjoy the benefits of reduced friction and increased efficiency through features like:

  • Configurable account setup
    • Contract price management
    • Loyalty and rebates
    • Complex billing hierarchies
    • Purchase policy enforcement
  • Customized, business-configurable data insights
  • Global reach
  • Fleet ERP integrations
  • Dealer DMS integrations

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the business pain of error-riddled invoices, disconnected customer data and operational inefficiencies, read our ebook How OEMs Can Drive Dealer Loyalty with Payments Tech. It includes an OEM case study that illustrates how it’s possible to increase sales and fleet loyalty with a modern payments solution. 

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