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Computer Hardware Manufacturer: Driving B2B Sales Growth With TreviPay Financing 

By doing business on a TreviPay network, this global hardware manufacturer can nurture closer relationships with its buyers and we have a clear pulse on their needs, enabling the company to enhance their experience and grow the lifetime value of their clients. 

“With individual credit limits over $20 million, the needs of even the largest B2B buyers can be accommodated by TreviPay.” 

The Challenge:

This manufacturer was looking to unlock additional revenue from an accelerated need for digital transactions. To unlock this revenue, the company needed to offer payment terms to its business customers as well as competitive volume pricing.

The Solution:

The company chose the TreviPay invoicing and trade credit solution. This white-labeled solution could be branded as their own. B2B customers in 15 countries can now apply for trade credit, which is underwritten by TreviPay. Approved buyers can begin spending their credit immediately, making large orders quick and easy.

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