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The Rise of Digital Automation for OEMs

TreviPay is well known for helping OEMs grow their business through the creation of custom trade credit programs that help grow sales and profitability. In working with OEMs, the heart of the programs we are helping to grow resides within fleets and transportation companies around the globe. TreviPay has worked with General Motors (GM) for nearly 20 years in helping to automate their relationship and transactions with dealers and their fleet customers.

The pandemic forced many dealers to permanently modify their checkout experience and interaction with fleet customers. Our product and user experience teams at TreviPay had the opportunity to understand new ways to solve big problems for our OEM clients, like GM, due to pandemic impacts.

One key problem we studied is how we can eliminate the need for manual entry of transactions when a dealer’s customer requires servicing of their fleet vehicle. We learned that fleets enrolled in the GM Fleet Consolidated Billing program would allow for dealers to automatically pre-authorize spending limits and purchase orders for fleets, so they can focus on getting back on the road and not how their services would be paid for.

Dealers that use the GM Fleet Consolidated Billing program reduce administration for fleets and maximize the convenience of drivers being serviced by taking the burden of administration and billing out of their hands. On top of that, fleets that use the program get access to a national network of GM dealers. The automation of purchases allows customers to have a quicker, seamless experience with limited interruption to their fleet services model.

Elizabeth Barnett, TreviPay product manager, works on the GM’s payment solution said “The efficiencies created by allowing customers using instant approval at the dealership saves drivers time, and requires less manual entry to document the transaction for the dealers. As soon as it’s approved, an invoice is created from TreviPay – it’s that quick and seamless.”

In this scenario, a fleet driver arrives at the dealership for service and has instant approval with their GM Fleet Consolidated Billing card. An order is created based on the purchase amount and an invoice is automatically generated making it a seamless experience for the dealer and fleet driver.

Step by step process. 1 - fleet driver arrives at dealership for service. 2 - instant approval with their GM fleet consolidated billing card. 3 - order created based on purchase amount then automatically generated.

In researching more ways to reduce vehicle administration burdens, the TreviPay team was able to identify and better understand the process between GM dealers and the other systems they use at the dealership to recommend ways to eliminate manual processes together across GM dealers and fleet customers. Ultimately, TreviPay helps GM dealers get paid by its customers faster.

Some key learnings the product and user experience team were able to identify for dealers and customers specifically around when a dispute is filed after a repair or purchase are:

  • Check It is generally faster and less time-consuming for dealers to correct a rejection than it is a dispute.
  • Check Rejections are less expensive to a dealer than a dispute.
  • Check Customers save time by not having to work disputes because they never see the transaction.

TreviPay’s product and technology team has a plan to create more efficiencies for GM dealers to improve the speed and accuracy across all dealers involved. Automation is a key priority for our OEM clients, dealers, and their fleet customers. The ability to better understand how to improve processes, whether impacted by the pandemic, automating approvals, eliminating manual entry of screens, or simply creating a better user experience for fleet drivers during checkout, truly supports our company mission to help businesses grow.

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