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DC360 Webinar 2022 – The Manufacturers’ Technology Stack

on-demand webinar with DC360

Learn how to successfully update your digital experience for 2022 

Disruption is nothing new to the manufacturing industry when it comes to employing the best technology. In this pre-recorded webinar: the Manufacturers’ Technology Stack, hear from industry leaders as they discuss the most important areas of digital transformation.

Watch the webinar to gain insight into: 

  • Results from the DC360 2021 Manufacturers report and what it says for 2022 
  • The landscape for channel partners, what it means and how it impacts today’s manufacturer 
  • How channel strategy affects the overall technology stack for manufacturers 
  • A live discussion from other B2B manufacturers who are actively employing technology to support the overall process 

Speakers and Panelists:

Mark Brohan | Moderator
Vice President, B2B and Market Research Development
Digital Commerce 360

Jay Schneider | Speaker
B2B Digital Commerce Evangelist,
Leader & Consultant

Jonathan Burdette | Panelist
Director of Digital Industry Strategy for Manufacturing

Brandon Spear | Panelist

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