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3 Proven Ways to Attract Business Buyers this Holiday Season

Brandon Spear in Retail Dive

In a market projected to reach $18.57 Trillion by 2026, retailers must tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of these buyers. Here are three essential strategies to attract corporate spending during the holiday season and foster long-term buyer loyalty:

  • Check Offer payment options that drive loyalty and growth
  • Check Prepare for efficient fulfillment and packaging of large orders
  • Check Streamline payment processes and reduce manual work

To capture business buyers on a larger scale, retailers must provide convenient payment methods such as trade credit or net terms. Recent research by TreviPay revealed that 85% of global business buyers prefer the option to pay on net terms, leading to increased purchasing and customer retention.

Brandon Spear says ""To unlock substantial growth, savvy retailers must embrace business buyers' distinct demands, forging lasting bonds with exclusive pricing and flexible net payment terms." in Retail Dive

Business buyers expect a seamless purchasing experience supporting bulk orders, repeat purchases and delivery tracking. Retailers should also consider offering special pricing for businesses, necessitating dedicated SKUs and volume-based decisions.

Payment technology partners can streamline back-office operations by automating accounts receivable processes, integrating with retail accounting or ordering systems. This simplifies transaction tracking, reconciliation and cash flow management, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks.

By providing the right payment options, preparing for large orders, and reducing manual processes, retailers can capture more corporate business, increase market share and foster lasting buyer loyalty.

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