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Brandon Spear Explores B2B Payment Evolution on Breaking Banks

Brandon Spear, TreviPay CEO, on Breaking Banks Podcast

TreviPay CEO, Brandon Spear spoke on the Breaking Banks‘ podcast episode “New Perspectives: Rise Up & Amplify and B2C Aids B2B.” Hosted by JP Nicols, these two thought leaders discuss the evolution of B2B payments.

Their discussion addresses the challenge of integrating B2C principles into B2B transactions, aiming to enhance payment experiences for business customers. Spear highlights the complexity of the B2B landscape given the multiple stakeholders in each transaction and emphasizes simplifying processes for smoother cross-geographical transactions, system integration and managing risk profiles.

Brandon Spear speaking with JP Nicols on Breaking Banks podcast at Money 20/20

The episode also explores the need for financial institutions to adapt their leadership strategies, embracing new demographic perspectives to stay relevant in today’s digital age. Spear advocates for meeting customers where they are, contributing to a more engaged workforce and reinforcing stronger customer relationships.

Tune in to Breaking Banks and discover how Brandon Spear’s insights on trade credit and B2B payments pave the way for transformative changes in the financial ecosystem.

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