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Most SMEs Extend Trade Credit, But at What Cost?

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Allowing customers to pay on Net30 terms can lead to increased sales, but late payments take a toll on cash flow.

Trade credit is commonplace across the globe. In fact, 39% of B2B purchases in the UK are made on terms. Unfortunately, credit programs aren’t without risk. In addition to interrupting cash flow, delayed payments can prevent SMEs from investing capital to scale their businesses.

Despite the widespread use of trade credit, most businesses do not consider credit programs a core business competency. In this complimentary whitepaper, you will learn about the credit landscape in Western Europe, the limitations of trade credit insurance and the very real cost of inefficient trade credit programs.

There is a better way to offer Net30 terms to B2B buyers. Established FinTech TreviPay developed TreviPay®  to mitigate the risks of extending credit while allowing buyers to pay when, where and how they want.

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