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Mastercard and TreviPay partner on Universal Acceptance for suppliers

Introducing Universal Acceptance

An innovative B2B payments solution available exclusively through TreviPay and Mastercard.

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TreviPay and Mastercard Present Universal Acceptance: A Game Changer in B2B Payments

TreviPay Universal Acceptance* makes it easier for suppliers to offer trade credit to business customers, reducing upfront costs and credit approval barriers while accelerating suppliers’ speed to market. TreviPay’s patent-pending innovative B2B payment technology authorizes, clears and settles net terms transactions over an open-loop network utilizing the Mastercard payment network.

Rapid Integration

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See if Universal Acceptance is the right solution for your B2B payments strategy

How Universal Acceptance Works for Buyers

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Seamless Purchasing

The convenience of a credit card with the purchase controls of net terms

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Instant Approvals

Credit requests <$100K are approved instantly, allowing buyers quick and easy access to capital

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Buyer Hierarchy

Businesses define spending limits for buyers by department or user, allowing credit lines to be centrally managed and shared

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Invoicing & Reconciliation

To automate processing, EDI, XML and CXML invoices can be received electronically and directly into the buyer’s ERP system

The Many Benefits of Universal Acceptance from TreviPay and Mastercard


Increase Sales and Eliminate Risk

Suppliers can extend financing net terms without risk through open-loop card rails, allowing purchasers to buy more, more often, boosting loyalty and speed to market


Automate Buyer Onboarding

TreviPay prequalifies and onboards buyers digitally, enabling them to make immediate purchases


Improved DSO

TreviPay guarantees a predictable settlement and handles collection on the supplier’s behalf, ensuring they are paid upfront


TreviPay assumes collections risk. Invoices are delivered automatically to buyers, simplifying collections for suppliers by eliminating the need to chase outstanding or late payments


White-Labeled Payment Services

TreviPay’s technology is white-labeled, providing buyers with a unified and seamless experience that is an extension of the supplier’s brand

Discover how Universal Acceptance from TreviPay and Mastercard can transform A/R

*Universal Acceptance is protected by a patent application in the U.S. and elsewhere for TreviPay, owned and operated by Multi Service Technology Solutions, Inc. See for more information.