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How to Take Your B2B Marketplace to the Next Level

Successful marketplaces know offering trade credit to their B2B customers is smart business. Increasing order size by providing customers a seamless checkout experience is within reach with TreviPay.

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Read more about how two successful marketplaces have incorporated TreviPay’s B2B payments solution to offer trade credit to customers and how it’s made a positive impact on their businesses.

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Food and Beverage Marketplace

Serving up a seamless customer payment experience in the food and beverage industry has never been easier. This marketplace offers food and beverage suppliers the ability to provide instant purchasing power in the form of trade credit across a network of pubs and restaurants.

In just 10 months, uShip’s average month-over-month spending per account increased by a whopping 450%.

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uShip Marketplace

TreviPay gives uShip, an online platform that connects shippers of large items to cross-country carriers, the power to provide dynamic pricing, instant trade credit and a seamless checkout experience. Read more to learn how uShip is growing their business by the truckload.

b2buy Marketplace

Aiming to save businesses time, effort and money, b2buy turned to TreviPay to offer trade credit to corporate buyers. Being able to outsource responsibility for many complex and resource-intensive tasks, including risk assessment, underwriting, compliance and collections, b2buy gained the ability to focus resources on their vital business development activities. 

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Marketplaces Who Trust TreviPay

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