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The speed and magnitude of changes in the global B2B market can be staggering.

With TreviPay, Credit Management doesn’t have to be daunting.

Who We Help

The biggest names in manufacturing.
National and global leaders in retail.
And the latest innovative marketplaces
from all around the world.

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Processing invoices with ease

What we help clients with:

  • Customer segments that are new or difficult to manage
  • Entering new or challenging geographies
  • Simplifying complex purchasing processes and credit management
  • eCommerce and Marketplace channel expansion

How we help:

Remove friction across all sales channels

  • Credit decisions in less than 30 seconds
  • Fraud detection and mitigation
  • Automated onboarding 
  • Credit management with Flexible Net Terms or Trade Credit (30-90 days)
  • Purchase controls and pricing rules to the SKU level
  • Processing invoices at checkout with purchase orders
  • Predictable revenue and fast reimbursement, settlement in 24 hours

Improve A/R efficiency

  • Merchant-friendly dispute policies. Chargebacks mitigated through our dispute center
  • Electronic and consolidated invoicing 
  • Automated payment application
  • Flexible payment options including ACH, Direct Debit and Checks
  • Automated dunning and collections management
  • Manage your business credit line increases or adjustments

Credit Management to Enable growth in B2B

  • International business is easy
  • Experienced Customer Success Manager for each client
  • Business intelligence tools to identify additional sales opportunities 
  • Fostering a buyer and seller experience engendering loyalty 
  • Solutions branded in our client’s name
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As a result, clients stay with us for decades knowing our business credit management leaves working capital available to focus on other value-driving activities.

How The B2B Payment Flows

Step 1

Buyer Qualification & Onboarding

Buyer Qualification

An easy, transparent, real time process to get your buyers underwritten and onboarded.

Step 2

Omni-channel Supported Transactions

Omni Channel Transaction

An approved buyer purchases a product or a service by a variety of different channels such as an eCommerce site, a marketplace, through a salesperson, in-store, or through a customer support representative.

Step 3



The seller authorizes the transaction and TreviPay’s technology will approve it based on the customer’s available business trade credit line. At the same time, TreviPay validates that it’s the correct contract price as previously determined by the buyer and the seller, that is being charged.

Step 4



TreviPay pays the supplier less the transaction fee based on the settlement terms with that supplier.

Step 5

Billing & Invoicing


TreviPay then invoices the buyer based on contract terms agreed between buyer and seller. The platform is capable of aggregating transactions and processing invoices in a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly cadence.

Step 6

Buyer Payment

Buyer Payment

The buyer pays TreviPay on their agreed terms for the supplier, just like a traditional business credit line.

Transactions Processed Icon

~$6B in transactions processed annually

Invoices Per Year Icon

~1.5M invoices per year with
~65M line items

Global Currency Icon

18 currencies in 27 Countries

Payments Processed Icon

~1.1M Payments Processed Annually

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