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Easily add B2B Payment Terms to Your eCommerce Store

Offering payment terms on your eCommerce site is critical to a successful omni-channel sales strategy.

Offer Net Terms in your B2B eCommerce store.

Elevating B2B eCommerce With Net Terms

Launching an eCommerce or wholesale website is challenging enough. You don’t want to lose buyers at checkout because they can’t easily pay by invoice, as they do in other channels.

TreviPay integrates with eCommerce technology to provide payment terms and allow invoicing at checkout bringing the B2B eCommerce experience into the future.

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TreviPay (Formerly MSTS) Makes Invoicing At Checkout Easy

You don’t want to lose B2B buyers at checkout because they can’t easily request payment terms. We make it easy by integrating with all eCommerce platforms so you don’t lose buyers.

Payment terms at eCommerce checkout are table stakes in B2B.

A Purchasing Experience Without Friction

We make purchasing on payment terms on your eCommerce website easy, driving loyalty and repeat purchases with built-in purchase controls visible at every touchpoint. Buyers don’t have to worry about exceeding the approved budget or buying outside their pre-approved SKUs.

Offering net terms online can help your business avoid paying high credit card transaction fees.

Avoid High Credit Card Fees

We remove purchasing blockers due to credit card limits, provide detailed purchase information for A/P teams and cost 30% less than credit cards. Credit cards cause frustration for B2B buyers, who prefer to purchase on payment terms.

Embedded Payments eBook

Download this groundbreaking eBook to learn how to build faster, smarter B2B payments systems.


Boost online conversion by offering payment terms at checkout.

Desktop Checkmark

Meet B2B buyer expectations by optimizing the online purchase experience.


Improve margins and increase AOV with the preferred B2B payment option.

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