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BNPL for B2B

Merchant-Branded, Closed Loop Payment Option 

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Worldpay B2B Payments has partnered with TreviPay to bring merchants a B2B-specific BNPL solution designed to grow business sales. With this closed loop payment method branded with your logo, your business customers can seamlessly and securely buy from you on terms, while TreviPay assumes the credit risk. 

Bringing Innovation to B2B Credit

TreviPay is changing the game of traditional in-house B2B credit programs with cutting-edge technology. Grow your B2B customer base and spend by combining the power of BNPL with a B2B-centric billing and payments experience. 

5 Ways TreviPay Adds Superior Value


TreviPay’s comprehensive solution incorporates financing, technology and services –offering you a turnkey solution to enable business buyers to pay on terms.


From customer-facing technology to support services, TreviPay operates as an extension of your brand. 


TreviPay assumes the credit risk for your buyers’ purchases and guarantees you payment. TreviPay improves your DSO and access to working capital, positioning you to scale.


Worldpay B2B Payments’ integration with TreviPay makes this a simple, secure plug-in payment option. All sales through TreviPay, including eCommerce sales, integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP workflows.


Meet the complex needs of your business buyers, all while giving them a streamlined, B2C-like purchasing experience. 

TreviPay B2B payment services

The Right Partner for your Business

 TreviPay, formerly known as MSTS, is a Global B2B Payments Company that has been trusted by clients to operate their B2B credit programs for more than 40 years. 

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PDF Download: Read more information about TreviPay and Worldpay B2B Payments in the 2-page overview

How The B2B Payment Flows

Step 1

Buyer Qualification & Onboarding

Buyer Qualification

Buyers complete an online application branded with your logo. TreviPay performs fraud and credit checks to assign buyers credit lines that can only be used to purchase from you.

Step 2

Omni-Channel Supported Transactions

Omni Channel Transaction

TreviPay supports purchases buyers initiate through your eCommerce site, marketplace, through your sales team, and in your retail stores. 

Step 3



TreviPay sends you a real-time authorization response based on your customer’s available credit and specific purchasing controls. 

Step 4



TreviPay pays you on a guaranteed schedule for all sales, less a transaction fee. 

Step 5

Billing & Invoicing


TreviPay generates SKU-level billings for your buyers, branded with your logo. 

Step 6

Buyer Payment

Buyer Payment

Buyers can use an online portal – branded with your logo – to initiate payment to TreviPay or pay by check, direct debit or wire. 

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