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Beyond the Transaction Ep. 3 with Paul Rodgers

Beyond the Transaction: Navigating Merchant Payments with Paul Rodgers

Beyond the Transaction Ep. 3: Navigating Merchant Payments with Paul Rodgers

Join Allen Bonde, TreviPay’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a conversation with Paul Rodgers, Chairman and Founder of Vendorcom. Paul brings a wealth of expertise as an evangelist for the World Wide Web Consortium’s Payments Sector in Europe and a mentor at fintech incubator Level39.

In this episode, Bonde and Rodgers discuss:

  • Check Long-term asset utilization and future trends
  • Check Integration of ERP Systems
  • Check Innovation through collaboration in the merchant payments sector
  • Check Payment security and data utilization
  • Check Understanding diverse payment preferences
  • Check Regulations and market opportunities that drive the industry forward

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Episode 3

Meet Paul Rodgers

Paul is Chairman & Founder of the merchant payments community, Vendorcom; Evangelist for the World Wide Web Consortium’s Payments Sector in Europe; Mentor at fintech incubator Level39; Member of the UK’s Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee Working Group for VRP in Open Banking; former member of the UK Payment Systems Regulator Panel, the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s SCA Monitoring Forum, and the UK Finance SCA PMO Steering Group where he chaired the UK Merchant & Payment Gateway SCA Readiness & Engagement Task Force.

He is passionate about the merchant payments sector and the benefits to be gained by driving innovation through collaboration. His work with Vendorcom ensures that all stakeholders in merchant payments are connected and have access to authoritative, independent information on strategic and innovative developments, standards, regulations and market opportunities. Paul is recognized for his broad perspective on industry matters as well as his independence, authority and pragmatism in dealing with the increasingly complex changes faced by both merchants and solutions suppliers.

About Vendorcom

Vendorcom is the voice of merchant payments. Its vision is a collaborative world where competitors in technology, standards and regulation meet merchants’ payment acceptance needs. It aims to build the most effective community of stakeholders to drive innovation through collaboration in global merchant payments acceptance.

Vendorcom has established a reputation as the definitive forum globally for keeping in touch with what’s what and who’s who in merchant payments. Vendorcom’s merchant members consider it to be the most trusted, independent, strategic and pragmatic forum to engage with their peers, regulators, standards bodies and vendors of payment solutions.

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