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Digital Invoicing and Payments Revolution Q&A

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We sat down with Principal Analyst, Jacob Morgan from Forrester to continue our conversation in the webinar “Taking on the Digital Invoicing and Payments Revolution,” to discuss the current state of B2B payments.

Read the Q&A below to learn more about the digital invoicing and payments revolution.

  1. What are the main B2B Buying trends for B2B in 2023?
  2. As businesses look to expand digital transformation efforts, what technologies and solution types should be considered? What areas are ripe for investment?
  3. How does the technology that makes payments seamless in a B2C scenario translate into the more complex B2B world?
  4. In many industries, but particularly manufacturing, making a shift to direct-to-consumer model requires new or different technologies to help their business scale. What are a few things to consider?
  5. What are the biggest drivers of B2B commerce and where should businesses focus to make the biggest impact?

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Watch the “Taking on the Digital Invoicing and Payments Revolution” webinar here:

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