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Elevating International Travel Payments: 4 Key Strategies

Brandon Spear, TreviPay CEO in Hospitality Technology for a byline

In a post-pandemic world, international business travel is making a strong comeback. Hoteliers keen on optimizing the payment experience for global travelers will find invaluable insights in the strategies offered by TreviPay CEO Brandon Spear.

Quote from Brandon Spear in Hospitality Technology

In this article, Brandon Spear covers insights about:

  • Dots Divider Blue Direct Billing

Discover how centralized, electronic billing with flexible payment options can streamline the payment process for corporate travelers, making it error-free and more efficient.

  • Dots Divider Blue Expanding Payment Options

Dive into the research-backed importance of offering trade credit and net terms invoicing for corporate clients, and how it boosts loyalty.

  • Dots Divider Blue Cross-Currency Payment

The key to enhancing loyalty by allowing travelers to pay in their preferred currency. Find out how foreign exchange options can simplify cross-border payments.

  • Dots Divider Blue API Technology

Explore how API-based technology can automate cross-currency invoicing and payments, improving the overall payment experience for corporate travelers.

Stay ahead of the curve by modernizing your payment offerings; this is your opportunity to secure and retain corporate travel accounts.

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